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Paleo Cookies - Even the particular Cookie Monster Would Approve this particular Paleo Cookie Recipe! - Food - Recipes

If you happen to be looking for a yummy paleo cookie recipe, then raise your hands in delight perfect now for the reason that that is what I'm going to share with you at this time!

But I got a small story to tell so hear me out please...Just feel like getting it off my chest is all.

You know, I was watching Sesame Street with my niece not too long ago and the cookie monster came on screen bellowing his infamous lines:" Me want paleo cookies!", "Me eat paleo cookies!"

Well...Alright, he did not essentially say "paleo" cookies. My thoughts was sort of messed up at the time. I was so obsessed about discovering paleo cookie recipes!

You see, the Paleolithic eating plan life-style was driving me nuts!

Now, this is a fairly wholesome eating plan and right after being a "caveman" for a couple of months, I see marked improvement in my physique as I've finally lost some body fat and feel additional energetic.

But the trouble is...

I was getting a small tired of eating boredom-induced paleo meals. I couldn't acquire any decent dessert recipes done caveman style. Particularly, I wanted cookies for dessert...

So I asked myself, "For the like of anything holy, how on earth do I make some paleo-friendly cookies?" And I also wanted some decent dessert recipes. I had sufficient of eating fruits right after each and every meal (wholesome yes, but I wanted one thing new for a alter)!

Fortunately, I discovered quite a few paleo eating plan cookbooks containing hundreds of recipes and guess what?

They got paleo cookies in there (JOY)!

The cookbooks are offered as download only. If you happen to be crazy about paleo desserts like me, then rejoice once again for the reason that they have really good stuff like choco and coconut custard, marzipan, nut balls etc along with paleo breakfast, dinner and lunch recipes. It really is all there.

Follow the link at the bottom if you happen to be interested in those cookbooks...

Okay that mentioned let's find out how to make some sinfully delicious hazelnut paleo cookies ASAP!


* Hazelnut meal (two cups)* 3 egg whites* two tsp of ground cinnamon* 1 tsp of ground nutmeg* two tbs of melted honey


* Use a fan-forced oven and pre-heat to about 180 C.

* Drop anything in a mixing bowl except for egg whites. Combine those ingredients nicely.

* Use yet another bowl to beat the egg white till stiff peak types. Now, nicely and gently fold the beaten egg whites into the hazelnut meal.

* Lay a sheet of baking paper on a baking tray. Put smaller pieces of mixture on the tray and finally, bake in the oven till it looks brown and crispy (approx 15 minutes).

Now appreciate some hazelnut paleo cookies that I reckon even the cookie monster would approve!

And if you happen to be interested in generating additional delicious Paleolithic recipes (not just paleo cookies) like rustic, hot and spicy chicken salad, mango sorbet, along with other fancy paleo desserts like lemon tarts, cherry balls etc. Follow this link: /

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