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Campbell's Green Bean Holiday Casserole - Food - Recipes

It just wouldn't be a holiday with out a Campbell Soup green bean casserole. There is just a thing about this wealthy holiday side dish topped off with dried onion rings that works properly for unique dinners.

My aunt continually created green bean casserole for family gatherings. This was primarily because she couldn't cook significantly of anything else. She's was also highly slow at getting things completed, and this side dish only takes a couple of minutes to stir together and then thirty minutes in the oven. There had been a couple of times my aunt acutally created it on time, so we didn't have green casserole for dessert or with the leftovers later in the day.

Now I generally whip up a green bean onion casserole for our holiday meals, because the youngsters and the males specifically seem to like this side dish.

Classic Green Bean Casserole Recipe

two (14.five oz.) cans of green beans (French cut preferred but complete green beans are fine too)three/four cup of complete milk (standard verus lowered fat or skim)1 (ten three/four oz.) can Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup 1/four tsp. pepper1 1/three cup French's Fried Onions (from the can)


1st drain the water from the green beans. If you dump the beans in with the water, the casserole is runny.

In a mixing bowl, combine the drained green beans, milk, soup, pepper, and all but two/three cup of the dried onion rings (which are used later as the topping). You can mix this in the baking dish, but the soup and milk will splash a small up the sides of the dish, and then casserole looks sort of messy with darker splashes coming up the side when it really is baked.

Lightly grease an 8 x 8 (or close) casserole dish. Use a fairly one, because you'll serve ideal from the dish.

Pour the bean mixture into the casserole dish and use a spoon to make the top even and smooth. Don't mash. Just lightly run the spoon more than the top.

Bake at 350 degrees F for 30 minutes. Get rid of from oven and sprinkle the reserved two/three cup of French's onions on top.

Pop back in the oven for five minutes until the onions are lightly browned.

That's it. Speedy and uncomplicated. And, most folks do appreciate this one (even if they do not admit it).

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